Guava Bay Bonnet 100% Mulberry Silk – 30 Momme – Pick your colour

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Transform your nights into a luxurious experience with the Guava Bay Silk Bonnet. Say goodbye to tangled hair and frizz, and wake up every morning with gorgeous, healthy, and vibrant locks. Provide your hair with ultimate protection against breakage and preserve its natural oils. The Guava Bay Silk Bonnet is the perfect sleep companion for effortlessly flawless hair. Don’t wait any longer, treat yourself to this softness and beauty for stunning hair when you wake up.

  • High quality
  • Moisture-Retaining
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Natural Fiber
  • Regulate Temperature
  • Bug-Resistant


Introducing the ultimate solution for saying goodbye to bedhead and embracing luscious locks – the Guava Bay Bonnet! This exquisite hair turban, made from pure silk, is your perfect nighttime companion, designed to protect your hair from breakage, frizz, and preserve its natural oils. Wake up to beautiful, shiny, and healthy hair every morning!

Crafted from the finest 100% mulberry silk fabric, the Guava Bay Bonnet offers unparalleled comfort throughout the night. Its luxurious feel and gentle touch will ensure a blissful sleep experience.

Experience the incredible benefits of the Guava Bay Bonnet:

Fights Frizz: Tame unruly strands and bid farewell to frizzy hair. The Guava Bay Bonnet keeps your hair smooth and manageable.
Infuses Hair with Moisture: Lock in essential moisture while you sleep. It helps to prevent dryness and dehydration, promoting hydrated and nourished hair.
Gives Hair Glossy Shine: Enhance your hair’s natural radiance and achieve a glossy shine effortlessly with the Guava Bay Bonnet.
Prevents Bedhead: Wake up with hair that’s ready to go. The Guava Bay Bonnet preserves your hairstyle and eliminates the dreaded bedhead look.
Preserves Hairstyle: Extend the life of your hairstyle by protecting it overnight. The Guava Bay Bonnet keeps your hair intact, so you can enjoy your perfect look for longer.
Itt is suitable for all hair types, making it a versatile choice for everyone. Whether you have curly hair, thick hair, natural hair, or hair extensions, this gentle hair wrap offers immense benefits. It acts as a nourishing conditioning treatment, naturally enhancing the health and vitality of your hair.

Embrace bedtime luxury with the Guava Bay Bonnet in Aqua, adding a touch of fun and elegance to your nightly routine. Elevate your hair care regimen and experience the transformative power of the Guava Bay Bonnet today!

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Cream, Charcoal, White, Wine Red




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