Royal – Botox Platinium 500gr (For Blond)

Our Royal Botox Hair Care is without a doubt the best treatment we can offer for all hair types.

What is hair botox?

Although it does not contain any botulinum toxins, hair botox is so called all over the world to differentiate it from other treatments on the market. In addition to the fact that it is a real rejuvenation treatment for the hair, this treatment has the ability to restore nutrients and hydration lost over time and through attacks.

This treatment is only available in salon done by certified professionals.

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How is it different from other treatments? It is able to go to work in the lower layers of the hair (the cortex) to restore health and flexibility.

Royal Hair Botox offers a long list of hair benefits:

It treats the scalp, promotes and accelerates hair growth, restores shine and softness to the lengths, slows down hair loss, helps to reattach up to 80% of split ends, strengthens the hair fibber, restores flexibility to the hair and well more!


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