My Essantial – BB Creme 300ml Heat Protector

$69.00 inc. GST

Experience the transformative power of My Essential BB Cream. This meticulously crafted formula delivers unparalleled hydration, ultra-deep reconstruction, and high-performance anti-frizz action. Say goodbye to frizzy hair and embrace smoothness, definition, and protection. Elevate your hair care game with My Essential BB Cream and unlock the beauty of your hair today.

perfect for protecting hair from heat during styling, UV rays, sea salt or chlorine. Its biggest specialty is being multi-benefits-in-one.

Suitable to dry and brittle hair.


Experience the transformative power of My Essential BB cream, meticulously crafted from a precious formula to deliver unparalleled hydration and ultra-deep reconstruction for your hair. This remarkable product provides a smooth, silky texture with a velvety touch, while offering incredible definition, effortless styling, and high-performance anti-frizz action.

My Essential BB Cream’s advanced formula goes beyond ordinary hair treatments. Not only does it provide deep hydration and reconstruction, but it also serves as a maintenance solution for treatments like Brazilian smoothing. Say goodbye to frizzy hair and embrace long-lasting smoothness and manageability.

But that’s not all. My Essential BB Cream is your ultimate hair protector, shielding your precious locks from the damaging effects of heat styling, UV rays, sea salt, and chlorine. With its multi-benefits-in-one formula, it’s the perfect all-inclusive solution for maintaining healthy and beautiful hair.

Indulge in the remarkable benefits of My Essential BB Cream, particularly suitable for dry and brittle hair. Transform your hair care routine and experience the magic of My Essential’s hydration, reconstruction, and anti-frizz properties. Reveal the full potential of your hair with a product that offers unmatched performance and results.

Unlock the secret to luscious, nourished hair with My Essential BB Cream. Embrace the smoothness, definition, and protection it provides. Elevate your hair care game and discover why My Essential is the ultimate choice for those seeking exceptional hair transformation. Don’t wait any longer – experience the power of My Essential and unveil the beauty of your hair.


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